Hui Kian Kwee

huikianHui Kian Kwee (Ph.D., Leiden University) has been a postdoctoral fellow at Asia Research Institute, visiting fellow at National University of Singapore, and research fellow at the Netherlands Institute of Southeast Asian and Caribbean Studies (KITLV). Kwee’s research focuses on Southeast Asia and South China from the seventeenth century to the present. She has examined various themes relating to the history of political economy, colonialism, capitalism; and Chinese trade and labour diasporas, social-religious organizations and economic networks. Her teaching interests extend beyond these to compare similar trajectories and themes in other trading diasporas and colonial settings. Her most recent projects explore the cultural-religious strategies of Chinese diasporic entrepreneurship and integrate studies of South China and Southeast Asia.


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DTS2000H1: Trade Diasporas and Capitalism
HIS493H5: Advanced Topics in Global History: Trade Diasporas
HIS383H5: Chinese Diaspora
DTS201H5: Introduction to Diaspora and Transnational Studies