Anna Shternshis

annaAnna Shternshis, Al and Malka Green Associate Professor of Yiddish, received her doctoral degree (D.Phil) in Modern Languages and Literatures from Oxford University in 2001. She has held a post-doctoral position at the University of Pennsylvania in 2001. She joined the University of Toronto in 2001. Since 2007, she is cross-appointed between the German Department and the Center for Diaspora and Transnational Studies at the University. Shternshis works in the field of Soviet Jewish history and culture, Yiddish popular culture, and post-Soviet Jewish Diaspora.

One is devoted to the Jewish Daily Life in the Soviet Union during 1930s- 1980s, and the other one to the Evacuation of Soviet Jews during World War II.


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Encyclopedia entries (refereed)

Moshe Kulbak, Zelmenyaner, The Sami Rohr Library of Recorded Yiddish Books, liner notes, 2009

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Publications in Popular Press

“Jewish Culture and Alternative Passover in the Soviet Union” in Secular Culture and Ideas, 2011

It Is No Longer Just about the Master’s Thesis, Canadian Jewish News, 13 January 2011

“Koscheres Schweinefleisch”, in Identitaten, Berlin: Berlin Jewish Museum, 2010, 240 - 241

‘Gefilte Fish or White Piano’ in Secular Culture and Ideas, 2008

Piety, Klezmer and Queer: Yiddish in the 21st Century,” Idea&s, Fall 2006, pp. 36 -39

Conferences and workshops organized

Jews and Africans in Modern Literary Imagination, University of Toronto, March 3, 2011, International Symposium (together with Ato Quayson)

Ethnography, Culture and Oral History of Yiddish Speakers in Contemporary Eastern

Europe, University of Toronto, March 7, 2010. International symposium.

Staging Minority Voices: Jews and Turks Performing in Germany, University of Toronto, 19-21 April 2009, international interdisciplinary academic conference (together with Erol Boran)

“Yiddish in North American Higher Education: Problems and Challenges,” round table at the annual meeting of American Association of Jewish Studies Association, Toronto, December 2007

Technology and Language Learning, University of Toronto, workshop, March 2007 (together with Mike Hager)

ReJewvenation: Futures of Jewish Culture, University of Toronto, 28–31 October, 2005. International interdisciplinary academic conference and mini-festival (together with Andrea Most and Louis Kaplan)

Soviet and Kosher: A Century of Jewish Culture in Russia, University of Toronto, 26–27 October, 2003. Academic conference and mini-festival (together with Peter Solomon and Sterling Beckwith).

Other academic activities

Served as an external reviewer for Wayne State University Press, Rowman Littlefield Publishers, and SUNY University Press, The Drama Review, Russian Review, Science in Context, Journal of Israeli History, Journal and Religion of Popular Culture, Studies in Contemporary Jewry, and American Jewish History, East European Jewish Affairs

Consultant for the Blavatnik Project on Soviet Jewish Participation in World War II, 2009- 2010

Consultant for the United Jewish Federation Appeal Federation for the Project on Soviet Jewish World War II Veterans, Toronto, 2010

Educational website  - website devoted to Jewish life in the pre-war Soviet Union. Created together with Zvi Gitelman

Courses taught

GER 260 Yiddish Language for Beginners
GER 360 Intermediate Yiddish Language
GER 460 Advanced Yiddish Language
GER 364 History of Yiddish Cinema
GER 361 Introduction to the Yiddish Literature and Culture in Translation
GER 362 Soviet and Kosher: Jewish Culture in the Soviet Union
GER 363 East European Jewish Literature and Culture, 1800 – 2000
GER 365 Knights, Dybbuks and Fairies: Yiddish and German Storytelling before 1700 (team-taught)
DTS 200 Introduction to the Diaspora Studies (team-taught)
DTS 404 Introduction to Jewish Storytelling
CJS 200 Modern Jewish Literary Imagination (team-taught) (core Posen course in Jewish secularism)

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